Act Kind World

Act Kind World

Are you here to change the world? Or maybe to make someone's day a little brighter?


First things first, do you know what the Act Kind World cards are all about?

These cards were created so people can give back anonymously and give a reminder of spreading the love. Whether you are in the drive-thru line, at the gas pump, or in the grocery store, there is no need to broadcast what you are doing for someone.

Just pull out a card and ask the cashier to give it to the person being helped or leave it where it will be seen (with a couple of dollars attached).

It really is just that simple!!

We promise this will put a little smile on their face, maybe a gigantic smile. You just never know what kind of ripple effect being kind can have.

Follow us on Facebook to see all the kind stories we come across. Believe it or not, there are many great people still around. 

Thank you for continuing to do your part!

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